Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy covers all users who visit and use; has been accepted in advance. The data provided to us directly and/or indirectly by visitors using Pier House is mentioned below. This data is used in appropriate cases in accordance with the terms of the Rental and Usage Agreement and the Privacy Policy; It is not used outside of these appropriate situations.

Data Provided Directly to Us:

You have provided to us through the reservation form, contact form and/or other forms; Telephone, e-mail, name-surname and other requested form information are stored by our company. This data is not shared with any real/legal third party and/or institution/company for commercial purposes. The data you currently share with us is used to provide you with campaigns, developments and updates made by our company. Only Pier House and Pier House sub-projects can provide you with information through the communication channels you provide/specify.

Data Obtained By You Indirectly:

IP information, location data, cookies and other data collected in the background to provide you with a better experience are specific to the Pier House site. This data is never sold or shared for commercial purposes except in appropriate cases. You can adjust your cookie sharing settings on each computer through your current web browser. Cookie sharing is generally open in standard browser settings and our company only uses such data. There is never any external intervention or unauthorized operation to obtain data.

Users who wish to contact Pier House and change their existing information and/or remove the necessary permissions for its use should use the address [email protected]. Based on requests made via this address, it may be possible to completely delete the data from the system and/or completely stop its use for Pier House. In such requests, the other party/requesting party will be responsible for any customer/user-oriented interruptions or malfunctions that may arise due to the data flow; Pier House cannot be held responsible for any disruptions that may arise due to lack of data.

Reservation and Identity Submissions: Our company is required to notify the relevant security forces / law enforcement authorities for each customer who will stay at the Pier House, in accordance with the legally determined rules. Therefore, all users/customers who make a reservation from our company are deemed to have accepted that they will declare their identities for this data notification. The declared identity data is only provided to the relevant security forces / law enforcement agencies. Apart from legal liability; No IDENTIFICATION DATA/INFORMATION CAN BE USED, either as a company or commercially!


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