This lease agreement; It was made on the internet for the purpose of renting the real estate between Pier House Otelcilik Turizm İnşaat Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi (lessor) and real and legal persons (tenant) who rented the room subject to the reservation for a certain period of time through reservation.


1-) This distance rental agreement (Agreement) has been drawn up in accordance with the Turkish Code of Obligations (Law) and the Distance Contracts Regulation. The parties to the contract accept and declare that they know and understand their obligations and responsibilities arising from the Law and the Distance Contracts Regulation under this contract.

2-) The subject of this contract; The tenant has the following qualifications, which he introduces electronically on the official website of Pier House Otelcilik Turizm İnşaat Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi (Pier House): is to determine the rights and obligations of the parties in accordance with the provisions of the Law and the Distance Contracts Regulation regarding the rental and delivery of the room for which the rental fee is specified.

3-) Tenant, lessor's name, trade name, address, telephone and other access information, features of the room subject to rental, rental price including taxes, rental period, payment method, Delivery conditions of the room, preliminary information about the rented room, exercise of the right of withdrawal and how to use this right, official authorities to whom complaints and objections can be submitted, etc. He accepts and declares that he has been informed by the lessor in a clear, understandable manner and in accordance with the internet environment, confirmed this preliminary information electronically and subsequently placed the goods and order in accordance with the provisions of this contract.

4-) Information (cancellation conditions, confidentiality conditions) and the Reservation Form requested by the tenant and prepared upon approval by the lessor are integral parts of this contract.


1-) Tenant, reservation form on the website has the opportunity to make pre-reservations via SMS, phone or e-mail. Following pre-reservation, reservation confirmation will be provided by the lessor through the communication tools provided by the tenant. If confirmation is provided, the pre-lease transaction will be completed.

2-) Within 1 (one) business day from the completion of the pre-rental process, 30% (thirty) of the total rental fee will be made by money order, EFT and credit card via the website. If the prepayment specified in this article is not made within the time limit, the reservation will be deemed not to have been made and the contract will automatically terminate and the renter will exercise his right to receive a new reservation for the room in question.

3-) If the prepayment is received by the lessor, a written reservation confirmation will be sent to the lessee within 1 (one) business day at the latest. The consent form in question; It includes payment details including the total rental fee and down payment amount, information about the rented house, information about the tenant and room entry and exit dates.

4-) The total rental fee, excluding the down payment, will be paid to the lessor in cash (cash) at the latest on the date of delivery of the room to the tenant. If this fee is not paid, delivery will not be made and the full rental fee will be requested from the tenant. The material and moral damages suffered by the lessor due to the tenant's failure to pay or avoidance of payment will be claimed from the tenant.

4-a) Within the scope of the law numbered 7464 on the rental of residences for tourism purposes, hotel reservations whose certification process is negative will be checked by PIER HOUSE against any grievances that may occur. will be canceled and the visitor will be offered a different room with equivalent features and prices. In case of a price difference regarding the new reservation, this difference will be paid to PIER HOUSE by the visitor. If the suggested room is not accepted by the visitor, the payments made by the visitor to PIER HOUSE for the relevant reservation will be refunded.

5-) The lessor may cancel the reservation before the beginning of the rental period, upon the approval of the lessor, by showing a reasonable reason and notifying it in writing.

6-) If the rental fee is not paid on the dates specified in this agreement, rediscount advance interest will be applied to the rental fee and collected from the tenant. The renter reserves the right to cancel the reservation and receive a new reservation. In this case, the prepayment fee will not be refunded.

7-) The right of withdrawal cannot be exercised by the tenant since this contract relates to the use of free time for accommodation and entertainment or relaxation purposes, which must be made on a certain date and period in accordance with the Distance Contracts Regulation. It is assumed that the tenant knows this matter.


1-) The delivery date of the room is the date stated in the reservation form, unless a written document is submitted to the contrary. On the delivery date, the room will be delivered to the tenant in a sound and clean condition.

2-) In order to compensate for any damage, loss or damage that may occur in the room on the delivery date, the lessor will collect the deposit in cash from the tenant in an amount appropriate to the characteristics of the room. At the time of return of the room, the lessor will check the room for damage, loss and damage, and if it is determined that no damage, loss or damage has occurred, the deposit amount will be refunded to the tenant. (Due to busyness, the deposit refund can be made within a reasonable period of time to the bank account specified by the tenant.) If it is determined that there is damage, loss or damage in the room during the checks carried out by the lessor, the expenses will be deducted from the deposit. If an expense exceeds the deposit amount, the tenant will be responsible for the excess amount and this amount will be collected from the tenant.

3-) The check-in time for the room subject to this agreement shall be 14:00 at the earliest and 20:00 at the latest on the rental start day specified in the reservation form. It will not be possible to enter the room outside the specified hours without the approval of the renter, and it is strongly requested that you comply with these hours. If these hours are not adhered to, the tenant will be able to enter the room at the start of work the next day.

4-) Due to non-compliance with the said hours, accommodation, food and beverage, security, etc. The lessor cannot be held responsible for the problems, and the lessee cannot make any demands from the lessor in this regard.

5-) The return time of the room is 10:00 at the latest, and the tenant is obliged to pay for the damages incurred by the lessor due to the failure to vacate the room at this time or its late evacuation. For this reason, you are kindly requested to comply with these hours.

6-) The tenant who wants to leave before the date specified in the hotel reservation form must notify the lessor 24 hours in advance. If the tenant leaves the room voluntarily, no refund will be made.


1-) The maximum person capacity for the room is stated by the renter on the website. No more people will be accepted to the specified capacity than the number stated in the reservation form, and this number also includes children and babies. If the rule in question is not followed, the excess number of people will be asked to leave the room or an extra fee will be charged.

2-) If a change in the number of people is requested after the reservation is finalized, the change will be made if the tenant notifies the lessor in writing and the lessor approves the new number of people In this case, the lessor's right to charge for the excess will be reserved.

3-) In case of non-compliance with the provisions of this article, the lessor has the right to ask the tenant to vacate the room, cancel the reservation and demand an extra fee.< /p>

4-) In order to avoid any grievance, the tenant is kindly requested to immediately check the number of people in the reservation form sent by the lessor to the tenant, and if there is an error , to notify the lessor on the same day.


1-) The lessor is obliged to deliver the room to the tenant in a condition suitable for the intended use on the agreed date.

2-) The lessor (Pier House) is not the owner of the room and only acts as an intermediary for the purpose of renting the room. It carries out its business by receiving a commission based on the fee received from the tenant and issues an invoice regarding the commission. The amount remaining outside the commission belongs to the owner/possessor of the real estate and no invoice is issued for this part. The lessor is only obliged to invoice for the profit earned by himself, he does not invoice for the profit earned by real and legal persons who are third parties and cannot be held responsible for this.

3-) Rental prices include entrance cleaning to the room, and weekly cleaning is also included in this price for stays of 2 (two) weeks or more. Pool, garden maintenance etc. In such cases, the lessor is not responsible, any defects and deficiencies will be corrected by the owner/possessor of the real estate. In such cases of maintenance, the tenant will allow the staff on duty to enter the room.

4-) The tenant must immediately notify the lessor of any damaged, faulty or unusable items in the room. The lessor will contact the owner/possessor of the property in order to resolve the request and ensure that it is resolved within 48 hours at the latest. . The lessor is not personally responsible for resolving the malfunction and undertakes to assist. The lessor cannot be held responsible for any problems that are not reported and no rights can be claimed by the tenant.

5-) Taxes, licenses, etc. related to the rented room. Responsibility for the obligations will be resolved between the lessor and the owner/possessor of the real estate and will not be reflected on the tenant. Electricity, water, internet, natural gas, etc. related to the room. Invoices belong to the renter.

6-) The renter is responsible for theft in the room, drowning in the pool, falling, arm/leg damage, etc. limb fracture, fire, etc. is not responsible for disasters and negativities. Tenants are kindly requested to take precautions regarding these matters.

7-) Within the scope of this article, the tenant must carefully examine and determine which services are offered in the room through the website.


1-) The hotel room cannot be used for purposes other than rental.

2-) The tenant is obliged to repair the damages caused by his own fault and to take all necessary personal precautions during the stay.

3-) The tenant accepts and undertakes that the information provided in the reservation form and contracts is true, up-to-date and valid. The identity information of the tenants will be asked when entering the room, and action will be taken against those who stay by providing false or fake information.

4-) Tenant; He/she is obliged to use the room, its extensions and integral parts in a careful and clean manner and to return it in a clean and intact condition at the time of delivery. In cases where any area within the room is broken, dismantled, relocated, or repairs are made outside of the authorized service, the cleaning fee will be charged to the tenant by the lessor by deducting it from the deposit amount received from the tenant.

5-) In case of any damage to the room, the tenant is obliged to immediately notify the lessor. The tenant is responsible for repairing any damage caused by his own fault. In cases where the next reservation is canceled or delayed due to the repair of damage due to the fault of the tenant, the tenant is obliged to pay the said fee.

6-) During the rental period, the tenant must take care to make accommodation in accordance with the general morality, law and customary rules of the society and in a way that will not cause harm or discomfort to the society. The tenant is personally responsible for his/her actions that constitute a crime or misdemeanor, and no legal/administrative/criminal liability can be imposed on the lessor.

7-) The tenant must act within the framework of the care required by neighborhood law and must not use any illegally prohibited or contraband items, substances, etc. that constitute a crime. cannot host in the room, cannot engage in any activity contrary to the law, public morality and customs. If a complaint is made to the renter due to these actions, the room may be requested to be vacated.

8-) The tenant is personally responsible for the security of the valuable documents, valuables and money he will keep in the room.

9-) Unless stated otherwise, pets/non-pets are strictly not allowed in the room.

10-) It is forbidden to smoke cigarettes and other tobacco products in closed areas of the room, and in case of contrary behavior, the damage caused will be compensated by the tenant. (situations such as stain, soot, fire, etc.)

11-) The renter does not guarantee 100% invisibility for the rooms stated on the website and described as conservative. The tenant is responsible for ensuring his/her own privacy. The lessor cannot be held responsible in this regard.

12-) Any taxes, duties and VAT arising from the rental will be paid by the tenant.


1-) The temperature of the hotel's swimming pool varies according to the weather and seasonal temperature, and the lessor cannot be held responsible if the tenant cannot enter the pool due to heat/coldness.

2-) It is announced on the website whether there is a fee for a pool with a heating system. The pools in question are heated with electricity and water temperatures vary between 26 and 29 degrees Celsius. It will be assumed that this situation is known to the tenant. Expectations are not met, power outage etc. Complaints such as these will not be taken into consideration by the renter and no refund can be made.


1-) If the prepayment fee, which will be deducted from the total rental fee, is not paid by the tenant within the specified period, the contract will be deemed not to have been established. In this case, the tenant will not have any right to claim.

2-) The tenant can cancel the reservation before the beginning of the rental period by showing a reasonable reason, notifying it in writing and signed by e-mail or fax, and upon the approval of the lessor. Cancellation declarations made without complying with the procedure are invalid and when the tenant's payment obligation becomes due, the lessor's legal, criminal and administrative rights in this regard are reserved.

3-) If there is 1 (one) month or less between the reservation date canceled by the tenant and the date of entering the room, the tenant is obliged to pay the full rental fee and the prepayment made will be refunded. This provision will also apply if the tenant does not enter the room without notifying the lessor.

4-) If there is more than 1 (one) month between the date of the reservation canceled by the tenant and the date of entry into the room, then the prepayment (30%) will not be refunded to the tenant. If the rent has been paid in full by the tenant, the remaining amount, excluding the prepayment amount, will be refunded to the tenant.

5-) If the lessor approves, the canceled reservation can be made available to the lessee on a different date.

6-) If the reservation is canceled and the room is not rented on the reservation dates, the tenant is obliged to pay the entire rental fee.

7-) If the total rent for a room is ordered to be paid on the website before a certain number of days (varying between 30 and 60), the rent will not be refunded to the tenant. The tenant accepts, declares and undertakes that he/she is aware of this matter.

8-) If the tenant does not pay the amount other than the prepayment, the renter has the right to cancel the reservation and take a new reservation for the room. In this case, the payment received by the lessor will not be refunded.

9-) Loss, commission, etc. arising from refund payment transactions made through the bank. The lessor cannot be held responsible for the expenses. The lessor will be able to offset the said amount from the price paid by the tenant.

10-) The tenant's behavior contrary to one or more of the provisions of this contract will constitute a violation of the contract. For this reason, all material and moral damages will be compensated by the tenant.

11-) In case the lessor violates this contract, the lessor will be notified of the violation and compensation will be requested. The lessor will compensate for any violations within his means. Based on this provision, no refund will be made for the period the tenant stays in the room.

12-) Official websites of the lessor (, [email protected], the official Instagram, Facebook and Twitter account with the username ''pierhousesuites" and the phone numbers specified in these channels) except the logo of the lessor using the same or similar name. The lessor accepts no liability in case signs are used and fraudulent transactions occur. For this reason, you are kindly requested to contact a reliable and accurate address when making a reservation.


1-) The tenant will not be deemed to have made a reservation without the confirmation e-mail sent to him/her by the lessor regarding the rental transaction. This issue must be taken into consideration by the tenant and the rental process must be carried out correctly and for the correct room.

2-) The Tenant shall be responsible for the epidemic, economic crisis, inflation, devaluation, foreign exchange increase, etc. that have occurred since the effective date of this agreement. He accepts that he cannot demand or sue the contract to be adapted to current conditions in the future for any reason.

3-) The geographical location and distance of the room subject to this contract are stated approximately and the renter does not guarantee the location. For this reason, the tenant can ask the lessor for the room's city center, cafe, hospital, etc. It is kindly requested to obtain written information about the distance to the places in advance.)

4-) The tenant will personally provide transportation to the room. The renter does not guarantee the conditions of transportation to the room. (The renter will not be responsible for situations such as bad roads, road works, soil, urban transportation, airport distance, taxi facilities, accidents, etc.)

5-) The tenant must consume food, beverages, etc. during the rental period. He will pay for the products himself. The lessor has no liability in this regard.

6-) The lessor will not be responsible if the artificial/natural products and materials used in the construction or decoration of the room cause discomfort or disturb the tenant's physical and mental health. Tenant's allergies, chronic illness, etc. The lessor must be informed in advance about any product or material that triggers diseases.

7-) Although this contract relates to daily/weekly/monthly (less than 6 months) rentals, the Turkish Code of Obligations will apply.

8-) Unless permission is given in writing by the renter, the room cannot be subleased by the tenant, nor can the rental agreement be transferred.

9-) This contract, announcements made by the lessor through other means, agreements made between the parties, etc. Documents will be accepted as a whole.

10-) In case of force majeure, which prevents or delays the performance of the obligations imposed by this contract, the contract may be suspended by the parties by immediately notifying the other party of this situation. If the reason in question lasts more than 1 (one) month, the renter will be able to make a reservation for another suitable date.

11-) If the force majeure continues as of the date of entry to the room, the room subject to the rental is suitable for rent, it is not affected by the force majeure and the renter accepts the conditions, you can make a written notification and pay the prepayment. may request.

12-) Force majeure is fire, flood, landslide, storm, tornado, state of war, state of emergency, widespread violence, curfew, pandemic, decisions of competent authority, which may prevent performance,

13-) The parties accept, declare and undertake that they will act in accordance with the rules of honesty and good faith required by the Turkish Civil Code during the period of this contract.

14-) The address given by the tenant to the lessor during the reservation will be considered current and correct, and in case of any address change, the tenant must notify the lessor of the new address within 2 (two) days from the date of change. The addresses specified in this article will be the basis for notification between the parties and the Notification Law art. Notifications will be valid according to Article 21

15-) Any changes to be made to the contract must be made jointly by the parties in writing.

16-) Turkish laws and regulations will be taken as basis in the territorial implementation of the contract. Kaş Enforcement Offices and Courts are authorized for any disputes that may arise regarding the issues within the scope of this agreement.

17-) This distance rental agreement has its provisions and consequences as of the date it is approved on the internet.


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